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By Keith Allen Johnson



In this heroic sculpture, entitled Commander in Chief, the sculptor set out to capture the spirit and future destiny of President Donald J. Trump. In this sculpture, Trump gazes out into the future with a focused determination, dressed in General Washington's Revolutionary War uniform. The parallels between President Trump and General Washington are both striking and prophetic. 


   George Washington was by all historical accounts the singular stateman, divinely empowered by God, that made the founding of America possible. It's impossible to imagine any other individual of his day who could have led the ragtag Continental army to victory against the strongest and best-trained military force in the world. As true American Patriots, we now stand to face a formidable enemy knowing this is our strategic moment of history. Here we stand poised for battle against globalist powers at home and abroad. These powers seek to destroy the heart and sovereignty of our great nation. But, like Washington in his day, I believe there is one singular statesman with the boldness and divine preparation necessary to lead this great nation to victory. He is the Commander in Chief—he is Donald J. Trump.  


The "Commander in Chief" sculpture is expertly cast in bonded bronze resin at our foundry in the USA. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

The "Commander in Chief" sculpture is also available in museum-quality solid bronze at $18,000 US. Call the studio to special order solid bronze at 678-897-7290. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.



"Commander in Chief"

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