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5 Signs You Are A Born Entrepreneur

So what is an entrepreneur? No, I won’t give you the Webster’s Dictionary definition here because trust me it’s boring. Here’s my exciting and crazy definition based on some real life experience.

“To be an entrepreneur is much more than what you do—it’s a lifestyle that you live every day. It’s ingrained in your identity. It is a life altering philosophy that believes there’s nothing impossible, nothing that can’t be created or built. In many ways it’s a mystery because you’re not really sure when or how you became one. Throughout your life from childhood to adulthood you seemed to embrace a certain set of characteristics. You always enjoyed building things, you’re endlessly creative, you have a bold determination, you love to take big bold risks, you’re a leader people follow and you possess a contagious passion for almost everything you do. You are at time admittedly crazy and overbearing. Sometimes you miss the mark and yes, sometimes you fail. But being an entrepreneur is not something you can stop being—you're wired this way. Success or failure can’t stop me from being an entrepreneur. You might think success would finally cause you to calm down and stop dreaming about your next big adventure, but no! You might certainly think failure would end all of these crazy bold visions and dreams but no! This is who God made me to be. I am an entrepreneur!"

So why should any of us “flawed human beings” ever dare to have this much confidence and panache? My answer—God! His Word and promises to us and the unbelievable face that He, the God of all creation, is alive inside of you and me!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” --Jeremiah 29:11

Never let this go—it’s God’s personal Word to you! He says He has a special plan for you and your life! He says, it’s a good plan and a good future filled with hope! This is a great Word for everyone but my following question today is more targeted. Here it is:

Did God give you an entrepreneurial spirit?

Here are 5 key characteristic you can’t ignore!

  1. You love to build and start new things. This has been in you since your childhood. Remember your play times and all of the things you created and built? God has been working his plan and purpose in you for many years. He molding and shaping you for a divine purpose! Are there still visions and dreams in you that have yet to be built?

  2. You love what you're passionate about. Even when you try to put your passion and vision on the back burner it always seems to come back to you even stronger. When God puts a passion for an assignment in you it's very hard to resist it! You may try to let it go but God will keep bringing it back to you. Did you know that many successful entrepreneurs say their passion and vision was so strong in them to launch their dream that it became irresistible! Stop fighting the vision God put in you and don’t be afraid to launch out to take a big risk!

  3. You’re a creative thinker who enjoys a good challenge. You see things that most normal people can’t see. God gave you a creative mind and spirit. You can look at an idea or another business and know intuitively what could be done to make it better and more successful. You reinvent everything and you're a lifelong learner. Most of your ideas are original—they’ve never been done before! You creative ideas are bold and ambitious but you are willing to embrace the challenge. God has been molding and shaping you for years to get you to this point. Now it’s time to make your move!

  4. You enjoy connecting with others and sharing your passion. You love to see others empowered to achieve their dreams. You understand your strengths but you’re also aware of your limitations. You know the vision is bigger that you and it will require a team. Jesus selected twelve disciples that he mentored and trained them for the ultimate “entrepreneurial God vision”—the launching of the New Testament Church. It will take a team. Unlock the vision and start by selecting one strategic person each week that you can inspire and empower with the vision God put in you!

  5. You love the work you do and even when you’re hard at work you feel empowered. You are learning every day to discern and hear the voice of God. God says, “My sheep hear my voice.” –John 10:27. You may not hear the audible voice but God, but He will speak and encourage you with a clear sense of empowerment. God will always empower us to do what He called us to do. On the flip side, when you’re outside of God’s best plan for your life you will tend to feel drained and discouraged. When you embrace the passion and vision that God put in you, your work is empowered and even when you are working hard it feels easy.

Conclusion: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you find yourself constantly returning to that specific passion and vision, you should be encouraged--it's take to take action! Today is the perfect day and launch out in a bold faith being confident that God is with you!

”Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” -- Zechariah 4:10

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -- Philippians 4:13

Never forget--God has greatness planned for you!

Keith Allen Johnson

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