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Clay Model



By Keith Allen Johnson

July 4, 2022

  In this heroic sculpture, entitled Commander in Chief, I set out to capture the spirit and future destiny of President Donald J. Trump. In this sculpture, Trump gazes out into the future with a focused determination, dressed in General Washington's Revolutionary War uniform. The parallels between President Trump and General Washington are both striking and prophetic. 

   George Washington was by all historical accounts the singular stateman, divinely empowered by God, that made the founding of America possible. It's impossible to imagine any other individual of his day who could have led the ragtag Continental army to victory against the strongest and best-trained military force in the world. As true American Patriots, we now stand to face a formidable enemy knowing this is our strategic moment of history. Here we stand poised for battle against globalist powers at home and abroad. These powers seek to destroy the heart and sovereignty of our great nation. But, like Washington in his day, I believe there is one singular statesman with the boldness and divine preparation necessary to lead this great nation to victory. He is the Commander in Chief—he is Donald J. Trump.  

   Washington was a soldier by profession and a surveyor by trade. But Washington was first and foremost a man of bold action. Trump was a prolific real estate developer by trade who entered politics for his love of country. Trump, like Washington, is a man of bold action who knows how to get difficult things done. I believe there is no other single individual who is as prepared and qualified to lead and fight this critical battle we now face for the survival of America.

   Washington was elected to the First Continental Congress and spent the winter of 1774 organizing militia companies in Virginia. It's no coincidence that he attended the Second Continental Congress in his formal military uniform. Washington was a man who understood and embraced his divine destiny. In 1775, just after the battles of Lexington and Concord, he was appointed General and Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Washington needed to learn from experience in the field and in the halls of the newly formed congress. Every great and effective leader must be tried and tested in the fires of adversity before they are qualified to change the course of history. When we look at the life experience of Donald Trump up to and through his first four years in the White House, we see the incredible opposition he faced. This opposition came from globalist political powers from outside and inside of his administration. Trump has learned how to operate in the corrupt political systems of Washington. He also knows now who he can trust, and he is now poised and ready to lead and expose the corruption of the globalist deep state political class in Washington. Trump will continue to lead a new revolutionary war for the prosperity and survival of our free and sovereign nation. I believe Donald Trump is the George Washington of our day.   

   Now we look to the future of Trump's prophetic second term. Looking at our history, we see the incredible opposition Washington faced but also his unfolding greatness. For the next eight and a half years, he tirelessly led the colonial army through the rigors of war, losing many more battles than he won, but he never gave up. Then against all odds, he plans the daring attack of Trenton from across the Delaware River on Christmas eve in 1776. Washington's troops went from 30,000 in September to 2,500 effectives on Christmas Day. Of the 2,500 troops that remained, one-third did not have boots, they were wearing burlap bags wrapped around their feet, and as they marched in the snow, they left a trail of blood. General Washington knew that if he didn't win a victory soon, the entire army would have disbanded, and he would forever lose the fight for America's freedom. So, he pushed through and led his dwindling army to victory at Trenton in the face of a violent blizzard and icy waters. Even with this much-needed victory, Washington faced the trying times of Valley Forge. Still, he gained strength through the adversity, and he went on the win the ultimate battle of Yorktown in 1781. Through force of bold character and brilliant political leadership, Washington transformed an underfunded and inexperienced militia into a capable force that outwitted and defeated the mightiest military power in the world. In 2024 Trump will build a new and effective administration. He will lead a well-prepared army of American Patriots to confront and defeat the globalist deep state, first in Washington, then sweeping across America, and then to the entire world!   

   I dedicate this sculpture to the Commander in Chief and the American Patriots who love God and country enough to fight for America's greatest Great Awakening!    


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