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A portrait or figurative sculpture offers an unparalleled opportunity to honor those held dear: be it a beloved family member, a trusted friend, or a respected colleague. Throughout history, gifted artisans have honed their craft, skillfully capturing the essence and likeness of individuals from every corner of the globe, ensuring their memory endures across generations.

Renowned sculptor Keith Allen Johnson stands as a leader in this timeless tradition, his mastery evident in every iconic sculpture he creates. With a rare talent for infusing his creations with an aura of heroism, Johnson brings forth not mere statues, but embodiments of the very souls they represent. Presently, he extends a rare opportunity to those seeking to immortalize their loved ones, welcoming a select number of commissions in 2024.



1.  CONTACT THE STUDIO: You may express your interest via e-mail, telephone, or in writing. The Sculptor will contact you by phone to discuss the project in detail. The sculptor will then ask a series of questions that will help bring clarity to the project. The portrait's general completion date and price range will also be discussed during the first contact. A full description outlining the scope and directives of the project will be sent out to you for your review, along with the Commission Contract.


2.  PRICING INFORMATION: There are many variables to consider when pricing a portrait sculpture, such as the actual size and pose of the sculpture, the length and style of the hair, hats or other adornments, clothing styles and intricacies, open or covered anatomy, design of sculpture base, etc. A written proposal will be drafted by the Sculptor that will include a detailed description of the project and a breakdown of the cost for the project. This proposal will be emailed to the client for review and approval.

3.  OFFICIAL COMMISSION: Confirmation for the commissioning of the Sculptor is made in writing when the signed Commission Agreement (e-mailed to you from the studios of K.A. Johnson) and a one-third (1/3) initial payment is received by electronically or by mail. Upon receipt, work on the project can begin.


4.  PHOTOGRAPHS: In cases when the portrait's subject is not available, deceased, or when the project is intended to be a surprise gift, the Sculptor may consider using photographs alone to create the portrait. In this case, the photographs should be detailed, well-lit, and have sufficient size. Depending on the pose, the photographs should include both left and right shots of a side profile, a 1/2 angle, a frontal image, rear 3/4, and back of pose shots. Other photographs may be requested as dictated by the pose.


5.  FIRST IN PERSON APPOINTMENT: In the case where the subject person is available, arrangements can be made for the Sculptor to study the composition of the subject person and take detailed digital photographs and measurements. This appointment will be approximately 1-1/2 hours. During this appointment, we will further explore other essential details of the pose, such as clothing and the mood of the pose.


6.  SECOND APPOINTMENT: When the sculpture is advanced to about 70% of completion in clay, a second appointment may be scheduled. Additional photographs may be needed at this time. During this visit, the client/subject has the opportunity to participate in the project by making creative observations with the Sculptor. This appointment is an actual sitting to make adjustments and progress the sculpture portrait to completion. The estimated time is 2-1/2 hours.


7.  FINAL APPOINTMENT: This last appointment is again an actual sitting. In most cases, the portrait can be finished at this point. The sculpture's modeling phase is completed when both parties are satisfied with the portrait's likeness and feel.

8.  SECOND INSTALMENT: To be received before proceeding to the foundry for mold making and bronzing. We will also discuss and agree on how the sculpture should be patinated (colored) and mounted on a base if necessary.


9.  FOUNDRY WORK: The portrait sculpture is ready to be cast at the foundry. At the initial wax stage, the sculpture piece is reworked as some finishing is required to bring the sculpture to its final perfect state before bronzing.


10.  PATINATION & BASE: The Sculptor will supervise the patination process at the foundry and mount the sculpture portrait onto a base if appropriate.


11. DELIVERY & SHIPMENT: Final payment is due upon completion. The sculpture can then be hand delivered, shipped, or arrangements can be made for pick up at the studio.


Please contact the studio at: 678-897-7290 for a comlimentary consultation and cost estimate. Commission your masterpiece today!


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