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We offer the following sculpture, planning, and installation service.


  • Museum Quality Design & Craftsmanship. 

  • Life-size or above portrait bust, full body figurative monuments of founders, donors, or other V.I.P’s.

  • Monumental high relief (Flat surface sculpture) for prominent wall locations.

  • Smaller replica sculptures for fundraising, gifting, or gift store sales. 

  • Sculptural prototypes and creative design services.

  • Site-specific interior and exterior applications.

  • Shipping, delivery, and installation services.

  • Strategic Planning and placement of sculpture design to enhance new or current architectural designs.


Creative sculpture ideas and concepts to create a powerfully focal point in your design.


  • Strategic planning and vision casting.

  • Site-specific designs and applications to enhance existing decors.

  • Complete design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance solutions to your current needs.

  • One company with creative expertise handles your project from start to finish.

  • Future planning and solutions to keep your new or existing sculptural masterpieces looking great and lasting for future generation.


Contact us today to get started!



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