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By Keith Allen Johnson

“Perfection” was inspired by the famous Gaddi Torso displayed in the Classical Sculpture Room of the Uffizi, Florence, Italy. The Gaddi Torso is a Hellenistic sculpture of the 2nd century BCE. Its dynamic tension and unusually advanced modeling place it among statues of the Pergamene School.

In the creation of “Perfection,” the sculptor set out to depict man's strength in the face of adversity. The movement and the tension expressed here are both graceful and powerful. The anatomy of the male torso in this dramatic sculpture is captured to create a compelling and heroic art treasure.

The "Perfection” sculpture is expertly cast in bonded bronze resin at our foundry in the USA. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

The "Perfection” sculpture is also available in solid bronze at $9,000 US. Call the studio for special orders at 678-897-7290. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.

"Perfection" The Torso

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