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How to Honor an Executive at Their Retirement

The tradition of giving a retirement gift to corporate and company executives is a time honored tradition. Unfortunately, along with the retiring executive, we have all come to expect the usual gifts that tend to leave us somewhat disappointed. The gold watch in the velvet blue box, the engraved plague that will never see the light of day or that dreaded desk clock, these kinds of gifts are common at best. But is there a greater way we can truly honor a worthy executive? An executive who has invested so much of themselves into the success of the company by giving their time, passion, body and soul. An executive that is not only worthy to be honor but also remembered. Three points to consider when choosing the appropriate gift for the exceptional executive:

  • Consider a truly unique and special gift of honor

  • Consider a timeless gift and heirloom that will live on into the future

  • Consider a lasting tribute that will also inspire the company’s culture, employees and future executives.

Impossible? No, not at all if this inspired gift takes the form of an artistic creation? I’m thinking about a portrait sculpture because I believe it’s the single greatest way to honor a loved one, a friend or a retiring executive. For centuries, gifted sculptors have captured the spirit and the likeness of special people from every culture who have been honored and remembered for generations. In any environment, corporate or residential, interior or exterior, a three dimensional portrait sculpture creates a powerful focal point of interest.

When you consider the gift of portrait sculpture there are many creative options. Portrait sculpture can be created “in the round” which is a portrait sculpture that can be enjoyed from every angle. Another very powerful option is a relief sculpture. Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted portrait remains attached to a solid background of the same material. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane. An example of this is the relief sculpture on a flat surface we see on our US coins. The last point to consider is the variety of different sizes of sculpture. An accomplished portrait sculptor can create above life size monumental portraits, life-size portrait or smaller desk top sized portraits. A gifted portrait sculptor can create a sculptural masterpiece and they can do this by work within most corporate budgets.

Sculptor Keith Allen Johnson is a master at capturing the spirit and likeness of his patrons in heroic proportion. The Sculptor is currently accepting a limited number of commissions for 2017.

To visit the on-line gallery, learn more or request a complementary no obligation creative consultation go to

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